Get the high-quality dance education that sets your child up for success

In our general dance program, your child gets the benefits of high-quality dance instruction from supportive faculty without having to commit to a competitive training program. In a fun and safe environment, students master a comprehensive range of dance principles while learning the discipline, creativity, and interpersonal skills that foster future success.

Experience the Elite advantage:

  • Instruction in jazz, tap, ballet, acro, contemporary, and hip hop

  • Tiny Stars classes specially designed for boys and girls aged 2–3

  • Full dance classes for boys and girls aged 3 and up

  • Classes for adults who want to get in on the fun

  • The opportunity to perform in our professionally produced year end show


Setting your child up for success


Bridging the gap to competitive dance


Three disciplines of dance. All in one class.

This isn’t your average extracurricular

Dance helps your child learn critical life skills, develop poise and confidence, and strengthen their sense of self. That’s why we believe your child shouldn’t need to dance competitively to get access to a high-quality and well-rounded dance education. In our general dance program, students don’t merely kill time on the dance floor. They work hard to learn proper technique, master fundamental skills, and improve their musicality. And they do it all while making new friends, sharing their dreams, and growing as individuals. It’s how we teach them to thrive at the barre, in the classroom, and out in the world.


Classes we offer


A combination of dance, acrobatics, and gymnastics that’s great for developing strength and flexibility. Classes are available in our general dance program for students aged 3 and up and in our competitive program.


We offer ballet classes in the Russian Vaganova method. Because ballet training is fundamental in the development of a skilled dancer, it is a mandatory component of our competitive program. Classes are available in our general dance program for students aged 4 and up and in our competitive program.


A style of expressive dance that combines elements of modern dance, jazz, classical ballet, lyrical, and even hip hop. Dancers will be exposed to many forms of contemporary movement and improvisational exploration. Classes are available at the pre-teen, teen, and advanced levels.

Hip hop

Learn how to dance like your favourite hip hop and R&B music artists in the hottest dance classes at Elite. Hip hop classes are available in our general dance and competitive programs.


Featuring the latest choreography and taught by top instructors, our high-energy jazz classes teach students how to perform jumps, turns, combinations, and routines. Classes are available in our general dance and competitive program for students aged 4 and up.

Stretch & Strength

An intense stretch class designed to improve flexibility and technique. This class is mandatory for competitive students.



In these upbeat classes, students get exposure to both classical tap dancing and progressive tap choreography. Classes are available in our general dance and competitive programs for students aged 4 and up.

Tiny Stars

The perfect introduction to dance for boys and girls aged 2–3. In these 30-minute classes, budding dancers participate on their own with the help of our caring and enthusiastic instructors. Tiny Stars students do not take part in our year end show.

Mini Dance

Special dance classes designed for students aged 3–4 that combine the fundamentals of ballet and jazz with high-energy music and encouraging instructors. Mini Dance classes are capped at 12 students and taught by a professional teacher with the help of at least two assistants.


Master the fundamentals of dance while developing critical life skills

Get high-quality dance instruction that helps your child thrive in and beyond the studio. Register for our general dance program today.