Make history by dancing on an award-winning competitive team

At Elite, we don’t just claim to offer top-notch training by some of the industry’s best instructors and choreographers. We have the track record to prove it. Known for being one of the top competitive teams in Canada and the US, our program gives your child access to unbeatable dance instruction that helps them perfect their technique, perform with poise, and push the limits. Under the guidance of motivating faculty who encourage students to reach their full potential, our dancers have won national, international, and world championship titles. They’ve also successfully pursued careers in theatre, film, and television.

Why we’re the place to be

On stage and in life, it’s important to stand out from the pack. That’s why our competitive dance program is designed to give your child an edge. We do this by supplementing high-quality instruction from in-house faculty with opportunities to learn the latest dance and choreography trends from master teachers. This focus on developing versatile dancers with up-to-date training is just one of the reasons why we’re home to an award-winning competitive team. Whether your child wants to take their dance journey to the next level or work toward a career in the industry, our competitive program is the place to be.


Give your child the competitive edge they need

Get unbeatable training from the best in the industry by joining our award-winning competitive team. Learn more about scheduling an audition, assessment, or studio tour.