The bridge to competitive dance

 Jumpstart is a streamlined program that is designed as a bridge to our competitive program. Being a part of this program does NOT mean you will be obligated to or guaranteed a position in the competitive program, however, you will participate in all of your classes with the same dancers in a multi-discipline program to prepare you for that option down the road. The Jumpstart program is geared to ages 4-7 and dancers will take 2 jazz classes, 1 tap class, 1 ballet class, 1 acro class (dancers will participate in one routine per discipline, for a total of 4 routines/costumes). Hip hop can be added as an additional class, and is recommended. The jumpstart program will take place on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings (dancers need to attend both days). Dancers may opt to take additional classes from the recreational schedule at a cost of $150/yr + HST + the cost of any additional costumes if applicable. (i.e. hip hop or anything else you are interested in)