A comprehensive dance education that inspires students to be their best

Since 1995, our studio in Markham, Ontario, has given budding and experienced dancers the comprehensive dance education they need to succeed in the studio and achieve their dreams. Whether your child wants to master dance for fun, train competitively, or pursue a professional dance career, our programs offer top-notch training in jazz, ballet, tap, acro, hip hop, and contemporary. As a leading Toronto dance school, we help competitive dance students build successful careers in the performing arts and give all students the discipline, creativity, and passion that set them up for lifelong success.

How your child benefits from elite dance education

Develop lifelong skills

Our programs do more than simply teach students how to dance. They help your child develop the discipline, dedication, organization skills, and teamwork skills that will help them thrive as a well-rounded adult.

Gain confidence

Whether they’re performing in our year end show or at a competition, Elite students learn to overcome stage fright and express themselves with poise. This gives them the confidence they need to pursue their dreams.

Build a foundation for future success

The comprehensive dance education our students receive prepares them to succeed beyond our doors. Our dancers have gone on to attend Julliard, perform in Cirque du Soleil, and become successful lawyers and doctors.



Renowned faculty who encourage and inspire

Our industry-leading dance instructors and choreographers are skilled in teaching students how to master their dance technique. But they also help them build their confidence, express themselves creatively, nurture their passion, and grow into well-rounded individuals. Representing a variety of dance backgrounds, Elite faculty provide high-quality and supportive dance education in a number of disciplines to help students reach their full potential.


Give your child the edge they need to succeed

Help your child develop the skills and confidence to achieve their dreams by registering for one of our programs today.