Three disciplines of dance. All in one class.

Our Combo Classes are streamlined 90-120 minute classes that will give the dancer exposure to 3 disciplines of dance (Jazz, Tap, Acro) during the class each week. The dancer will perform 2 routines in the year end show.  The instructor will decide which two disciplines this class will perform in the year end show. It would require the purchase of 2 different costumes. This is a great class to determine what your dancer enjoys and excels at and can be a bridge to our Jumpstart and Competitive programs.   


High energy class. Taught fundamentals of dance to upbeat/familiar music. Would learn beginner jumps and combinations.


Learn how to make music with your feet. Upbeat classes providing exposure to classical tap dancing.


Develops fine motor skills. Provided with instruction for basic beginner balances, strength and flexibility training. Start to learn beginner cartwheels and summer saults.