JANUARY 2014 – A handful of die hards braved the weather to attend 24seven Dance Convention in Rochester – Congratulations to the following NonStopDancer scholarship winners:  MINI RUNNERS UP: Saharra Drayton JUNIOR RUNNERS UP: Irene Yang TEEN RUNNERS UP: Brittany Hamilton, Sierra Kellman SENIOR WINNER: Chantelle Good

DECEMBER 2013 – Our competitive team attended NUVO Dance Convention at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  Congratulations to the following Breakout Artist Winners/Runners Up (please note that dancers who were winners in Pittsburgh could not compete) – MINI RUNNERS UP: Lexa Edelstein, Courtney Lam, Sierra Wignall, Brandon Ng JUNIOR WINNERS: Grace Lethbridge, Findlay McConnell JUNIOR RUNNERS UP: Ava MacGregor, Elle MacGregor, Sydney Morris, Irene Yang, Joselle Solarino, Sejon Balachandran TEEN WINNERS: Karina Tassiopoulos, Julian Elia, Ty Forhan TEEN RUNNERS UP: Taylor Errington, Sierra Kellman, Kimberly Nurse SENIOR WINNERS: Kristen Tassiopoulos SENIOR RUNNERS UP: Ethan Colangelo CLASS SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS: Brittany Hamilton, Sofia Laftsidis, Isabella Adamo, Saharra Drayton, Rosalie Elia, Trinity James, Ireland McDermott, Samantha Rappitt, Katia Smith, Sarah Smith, Alissa Coughlin, Genevieve Wong, Chlea Giguere, Kaden Golding DIE HARD DANCER: Allison Martin

NOVEMBER 2013 – A small group of our advanced company dancers travelled to Pittsburgh for the NUVO Dance Convention – Congratulations to the following Breakout Artist Winners/Runners Up:  TEEN WINNERS: Jazzmin James, Kalyn Langford, Madison MacGregor SENIOR WINNERS: Chantelle Good, Audrianna Martin del Campo, Vanessa Kiriakou, Kyle Clarke, Wesley Tang SENIOR RUNNERS UP: Ethan Colangelo CLASS SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS: Brittany Hamilton

SEPTEMBER 2013 – Our competitive team attended the JUMP Dance Convention in Toronto – Congratulations to the following THIRTY-TWO VIP Winners/Runners Up:  MINI – WINNERS: Courtney Lam, Sierra Wignall, Moses Rankine RUNNERS UP: Sierra Drayton, Saharra Drayton, Sarah Smith, Lexa Edelstein JUNIOR – WINNERS: Grace Lethbridge, Findlay McConnell RUNNERS UP: Irene Yang, Joselle Solarino, Ava MacGregor, Elle MacGregor, Sydney Morris, Katia Smith TEEN – WINNERS: Jazzmin James, Taylor Errington, Jhaleil Swaby, Julian Elia, Ty Forhan RUNNERS UP: Kalyn Langford, Karina Tassiopoulos, Madison MacGregor, Isabella Adamo, Trinity James,Sierra Kellman SENIOR WINNERS: Kyle Clarke, Vanessa Kiriakou, Chantelle Good RUNNERS UP: Wesley Tang, Kristen Tassiopoulos, Audrianna Martin Del Campo CLASS SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS: Cameron Chong, Samantha Rappitt, Sofia Laftsidis, Megan Burrowes, Sarina Jeffcoat, Rosalie Elia, Kimberly Nurse, Ava Aleixo. Brandon Ng, Kyra Mohammed, Alissa Coughlin

SEPTEMBER 2013 – Elite students and alumni participated in the OTF “Night For Sick Kids” Gala at the Markham Theatre – Great job Findlay McConnell, Joselle Solarino, Jennifer Pappas, Justin Lopes & Bianca Melchior

AUGUST 2013 – Students Jhaleil Swaby, and Seana Williams will be on the set of “The Next Step” , season 2 of the Family Channel series

AUGUST 2013 – Student Ty Forhan is off to Brazil to perform in the final curtain of Billy Elliot – Ty was originally in the Toronto cast and then travelled with the touring cast before returning to Elite to continue his training.

JULY 2013 – Director Dawn Rappitt is featured in the July issue of Dance Teacher Magazine.  Dawn is being awarded “Teacher of the Year” and will be presented with her award at the Dance Teacher Summit in NYC this August

JULY 2013 – Alumni Melanie Mah just finished up on the set of Strings, a movie being filmed in Winnipeg – choreography Brian Friedman

JULY 2013 – Alumni Jennifer Pappas begins filming season 2 of The Next Step, in the role of “Chloe”

JULY 2013 – Students Zenon Zubyk and Alex Servos participated in the latest “Faces of Fever” shoot, with Fever International Dance Championships

JULY 2013 – The Dance Awards NYC – 20 of our students travelled to NYC to compete in the prestigious Dance Awards.  We are thrilled to announce that Zenon Zubyk is the new Teen Male Best Dancer, Chantelle Good 2nd Runner Up Teen Female Best Dancer, Jhaleil Swaby 1st Runner Up Teen Male Best Dancer, Vanessa Kiriakou, Kristen Tassiopoulos, Audrianna Martin Del Campo, Elijah Jones, Wesley Tang Top 10 Senior Best Dancers, Alex Servos Top 10 Teen Female Best Dancer, Sierra Kellman, Madison MacGregor,finished in the top 20 of Junior and Teen Female Best Dancers.  Jazzmin James and Kyle Clarke passed along their 2012 National best dancer titles and were high score overall soloists in the Teen and Senior Divisions. Although we only brought 4 groups to compete, all 4 groups were high score finishes and we managed to win top teen performance, and highest achievement in Jazz and Contemporary.  Congratulations also go out to “To Grasp a Drifting Memory” on winning the top national teen duet/trio, choreography by Stacey Tookey.  An amazing week of dance!

JULY 2013 – Students Ty Forhan, Findlay McConnell, Julian Elia and alumni/staff Justin Lopes were on set for an upcoming film “American Girl” where they will appear as ballet dancers.

JULY 2013 – Students Chantelle Good and Elijah Jones were awarded college/university scholarships through the NYCDA college scholarship audition program.  Offers and scholarships were awarded from Point Park, Marymount, and Mercyhurst!

JULY 2013 – Student Grace Lethbridge completed a summer intensive study at The Kirov in Washington

SPRING 2013 – Alumni Joey Arrigo is touring with “Shaping Sound”, a commercial contemporary dance company founded by Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, Teddy Forance, and Kyle Robinson

MAY 2013 – JUMP DANCE CONVENTION BUFFALO – Our competitive team attended the JUMP Dance Convention in Buffalo and had an awesome weekend!  Congratulations to our team on a successful competitive weekend both onstage and in the classroom.  Our competitive routines were recognized with 16 SIXTEEN prestigious “You Rocked Jump” Awards, wow, what an honour!  Congratulations to New Town, and Love Is Blind on being awarded “Best of Jump”!  Congratulations to the following VIP Winners and Runners Up: MINI – Courtney Lam, Lexa Edelstein, Sarah Smith, Ava MacGregor, Irene Yang, Joselle Solarino – Runners Up, JUNIOR – Sierra Kellman, Taylor Errington – Runners Up, Teen – Ty Forhan – Winner, Kalyn Langford, Madison MacGregor, Trinity James – Runners Up, SENIOR – Vanessa Kiriakou, Wesley Tang, Elijah Jones – Winners, Kristen Tassiopoulos, Shayna Steinberg – Runners Up.  Way to go team Elite!

MARCH 2013 – NUVO DANCE CONVENTION – BUFFALO – Many of our competitive dancers attended an optional convention weekend in Buffalo – Congratulations to the following dancers who were selected as “Breakout Artists” and Runners Up! JUNIOR – Sierra Kellman – Winner, TEEN – Seana Williams – Winner, Victoria Kotsopoulos, Mireilla Malo, Kalyn Langford, Trinity James, Madison MacGregor – Runners Up, SENIOR – Audrianna Martin Del Campo – Winner

JANUARY 2013 – 24/7 Dance Convention – Rochester – Many of our dancers kicked off their New Year at an optional convention weekend in Rochester.  Congratulations to the following Dancers selected by the faculty as NON-STOP Dancers and Runners UP – MINI – Lexa Edelstein, Schymera Samuels – Runners Up, JUNIOR – Sierra Kellman – Runner Up, TEEN – Jazzmin James, Chantelle Good, Zenon Zubyk – WINNERS – Robin Macina, Lauren Macina, Trinity James, Alex Servos, Seana Williams, Kalyn Langford – Runners Up SENIOR – Kyle Clarke, Vanessa Kiriakou – WINNERS, Audrianna Martin Del Campo – Runner Up.

DECEMBER 2012 – NUVO DANCE CONVENTION – Many of our dancers attended the Nuvo Dance Convention in Toronto – Congratulations to the following Breakout Artists and Runners Up: MINI – Irene Yang – Winner , Joselle Solarino, Moses Rankine – Runners Up.  JUNIOR – Findlay McConnell, Grace Lethbridge – Winners, Sierra Kellman – Runner Up TEEN – Samantha Siskos, Seana Williams, Kalyn Langford, Karina Tassiopoulos, Trinity James – Runners Up SENIOR – Vanessa Kiriakou, Jennifer Pappas – Winners , Audrianna Martin Del Campo, Wesley Tang, Kristen Tassiopoulos – Runners Up.  An awesome weekend of dance for everyone!

NOVEMBER 2012 – NUVO DANCE CONVENTION – PITTSBURGH – Some of our advanced company dancers attended an optional convention weekend in Pittsburgh – Congratulations to the following dancers who were selected as “Breakout Artists” and Runners Up:  TEEN – Zenon Zubyk, Chantelle Good, Alex Servos – WINNERS, Seana Williams, Mireilla Malo – Runners Up, SENIOR – Elijah Jones, Akira Uchida – WINNERS, Wesley Tang, Audrianna Martin Del Campo, Jennifer Pappas – Runners Up.  Die Hard Dancer Award from Denise Wall – Kalyn Langford.  Awesome job team Elite!


NOVEMBER 2012 – Alumni Adam Serigson is starting rehearsals for the Mirvish Production of “Wizard of Oz”

NOVEMBER 2012 – Alumni Akira Uchida, and Student Moses Rankine appeared in the finale episode of CBC’s “Over the Rainbow”

OCTOBER 2012 – Alumni Melanie Mahperformed on an episode of the hit show X Factor!!

OCTOBER 2012 – Alumni Jennie Pappas performed in the Family Channel’s Stand Up to Bullying Rally, with the cast of her new Family Channel show “The Next Step”, which will be hitting the small screen in March 2013.

OCTOBER 2012 – Alumni Justin Lopes performed in the MAC Cosmetics Glamour Daze event

SEPTEMBER 2012 – JUMP DANCE CONVENTION TORONTO – Our competitive students attended JUMP Dance convention at the International Centre where they took classes from Mandy Moore, Mia Michaels, Nick Lazzarini, Kenny Wormald, Katy Spreadbury, Mike Minery, Bobby Newberry, and Andrew Winghart.  Congratulations to the following dancers who were chosen out of over 1000 dancers for special recognition: MINI VIP Runner’s Up: Courtney Lam, Lexa Edelstein, Irene Yang, Joselle Solarino, Brianna Samuda-Walker, Moses Rankine, Araiius McCaughin, Brandon Ng;  JUNIOR VIP Winners: Grace Lethbridge, Findlay McConnell;  TEEN VIP Runner’s Up: Seana Williams, Victoria Kotsopoulos, Kalyn Langford, Mareilla Malo, Ty Forhan TEEN VIP Winners: Samantha Siskos, Alex Servos, Chantelle Good, Jhaleil Swaby, Zenon Zubyk, Julian Elia ; SENIOR VIP Runners Up: Kristen Tassiopoulos, Vanessa Kiriakou, Wesley Tang; SENIOR VIP Winners: Jennifer Pappas, Audrianna Martin del Campo; CLASS SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS: Kaitlyn Martin, Sejon Balachandran, Alissa Coughlin, Rebecca Bond, Kim Nurse, Hayley Williamson, Kayley Jewett, Bronwyn Yu, Sierra Kellman, Schymera Samuels, Victoria Cundari, Taylor Errington, Rosalie Elia, Stefania Sorichetti, Laura Hergott, Sydney Morris, Marlee Liss, Shayna Steinberg, Karina Tassiopoulos, Sarina Jeffcoat, Kaprice Levy-Tjonasan

September 2012 – Alumni Lindsay Leuschner & Akira Uchida filmed episodes of CBC’s “Over the Rainbow”, under the direction of choreographer Paul Becker.

September 2012 – Alumni Akira Uchida is filming a remake of the movie “Robocop”

September 2012 – Alumni Justin Lopes and Akira Uchida performed on the YTV Next Star Finale

September 2012 – Alumni Joey Arrigo is continuing his contract with Rasta Thomas’s “Bad Boys of Dance” and his heading to Sweden for a 6 city tour this September.

September 2012 – Students Ty Forhan and Mariella Malo were on the set of “Stage Fright” in Parry Sound under the direction of choreographer Paul Becker.

September 2012 – Alumni and faculty member Justin Lopes performed at the annual Fashion Cares event at Maison.

September 2012 – Alumni Lindsay Leuschner & Justin Lopes filmed a new music video for recording artist Victoria Duffield & Cody Simpson called “They Don’t Know Us” choreographed by Luther Brown.

September 2012– Student Kyal Rankine has been busy assisting choreographer Paul Becker on the set of “Stage Fright” in Parry Sound.

SEPTEMBER 2012 -Graduating student is pursuing his dance dreams at Marymount in NYC.  He is attending with the assistance of a 46k scholarship he acquired through NYCDA – thank you to NYCDA for this amazing university/college scholarship program. Congrats Evan!

AUGUST 2012 – Student Chantelle Good was a finalist in the CNE’s Rising Star Competition.

AUGUST 2012 – Jennifer Pappas performed at the Family Channel Big Ticket Summer Concert at the Molson Amphitheatre, in a promotional performance for the new Family Channel Series “The Next Step”

AUGUST 2012 – Madison Booth filmed an episode of “Bomb Girls” in Toronto!

AUGUST 2012 – Alumni and faculty member Justin Lopes can be seen in a Coca Cola commercial “What Can your Coca-Cola Become?”, now available to be seen on youtube and airing in Movie Theatres everywhere.

AUGUST 2012 – Jazzmin James & Megan Mackenzie filmed some episodes of the upcoming Family Channel series – The Next Step

JULY 2012 – ACE AWARDS – Students and Alumni Justin Lopes, Evan Supple, Lindsay Leuschner, Akira Uchida, and Bianca Melchior performed at the Capezio ACE awards in various pieces of choreography competing in the prestigious choreography competition.  Of special note, Hani Abaza’a Choreography “Transatlantacism”, originally set on our advanced company dancers, was selected to compete in the competition.

JULY 2012 – THE DANCE AWARDS NATIONALS – NYC – 9 of our dancers travelled to NYC to compete in the national “Best Dancer” competition.  Congratulations as follows:  Trinity James – Junior Female top 20, Grace Lethbridge – Mini Female 2nd Runner Up, Vanessa Kiriakou – Teen Female Top 20, Zenon Zubyk – Teen Male First runner up, Kyle Clarke – Teen Male WINNER, Chantelle Good – Teen Female 2nd Runner Up, Jazzmin James – Teen Female WINNER,  Akira Uchida – Senior Male Top 10!  What an outstanding showing at the most prestigious event this summer.  Alumni Bianca Melchior represented the studio well as she passed on her 2011 National Senior Female title.

JULY 2012 – NYCDA NATIONALS – Evan Supple placed in the Top 8 Senior Male National Outstanding Dancer competition

JUNE 2012 – Akira Uchida danced in 2 episodes of Degrassi – Choreography by Jeff Dimitriou

JUNE 2012 – Jazzmin James was presented with the highest scoring solo of the entire season of Terpsichore Dance Celebration – Scott Kufske from Terpsichore visited our Year-End show and surprised her with a presentation after her solo performance!

SUMMER 2012 – Jennifer Pappas is filming an upcoming Family Channel television series called the Next Step in a feature role!!  Watch out for her in the role of “Chloe” when the series premieres in the spring of 2013!

SUMMER 2012 – Kyal Rankine can be seen in a principal role in a CTV Summer Olympics commercial – part of the “I Believe” campaign

MAY 2012 – Moses Rankine shot a National commercial for Manulife – now airing – he is the little architect!

SPRING 2012 – Akira Uchida danced backup on Canada’s Got Talent episodes #4 and #7 – Choreography by Paul  Becker

SPRING 2012      – Student Ty Forhan continues to tour the U.S. starring as “Billy” in Billy Elliot.

MARCH 2012 – Moses Rankine shot a national commercial for Maytag that will be airing this fall – (principal role – Baseball player)

MARCH 2012 – Akira Uchida danced in a Dragonette video – “Let it Go” –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KsPIJK17uk&list=UU1Y3w8jAyujvbBu8IJE7sBg&index=1&feature=plcp

March 2012 – JUMP Convention – Buffalo – Our competitive team attended the JUMP Dance convention in Buffalo.  Congratulations to the following VIP WINNERS: Evan Supple, Chantelle Good, Vanessa Kiriakou, Julian Elia and VIP RUNNERS UP –  Shayna Steinberg, Kristen Tassiopoulos, Madison Booth, Wesley Tang, Rosalie Elia, Sydney Morris, Trinity James, Kaprice Levy-Tjonasan, Seana Williams, Samantha Siskos, Alex Servos, Kyal Rankine – CLASS SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS – Alissa Coughlin, Rachel Lam, Robin Macina, Maria Mathews, Kim Nurse, Schymera Samuels, Katia Smith, Ashley Trgachef, Victoria Berkovits, Victoria Cundari, Zoi Laftsidis, Sarah Smith, Stefania Sorichetti, Irene Yang, Aiyesha Talarico

MARCH 2012 – NYCDA BUFFALO – Some of our dancers attended the NYCDA convention in Buffalo, NY.  Congratulations to the following dancers selected as “Regional Outstanding Dancers”: Findlay McConnell, Grace Lethbridge, Kyle Clarke, Vanessa Kiriakou, Seana Williams, Jhaleil Swaby.  Congratulations to contemporary routine “Be Still” for winning the high score overall for the teen division and several overall excellence awards, and to Evan Supple for winning the high score overall solo.

February 2012 – NUVO Convention – Buffalo – Our competitive team attended the NUVO convention in Buffalo, congratulations to the following : Breakout Artist WINNERS – Grace Lethbridge, Findlay McConnell, Moses Rankine, Trinity James, Jhaleil Swaby, Jazzmin James, Julian Elia, Zenon Zubyk, Jennifer Pappas, Evan Supple, Akira Uchida Breakout Artist RUNNERS UP – Sydney Morris, Araiius McCaughin, Kaprice Levy-Tjonasan, Shevya Stewart, Kristen Tassiopoulos, Madison Booth, Aiyesha Talarico, Kyal Rankine, Vanessa Kiriakou, Alex Servos, Victoria Berkovits, Seana Williams

January 2012 – NYCDA – Michigan – Some of our dancers attended the NYCDA convention in Lansing Michigan – Congratulations to the following Outstanding Dancer recipients:  Zenon Zubyk, Jazzmin James, Evan Supple, Jennifer Pappas .  Congratulations to Zenon Zubyk who was awarded the Perry Mansfield scholarship.

JANUARY 2012 – NUVO CONVENTION – ORLANDO – Students Kyle Clarke and Chantelle Good were awarded Teen Breakout Artists at the Nuvo Dance Convention in Orlando Florida.

DECEMBER 2011 – Joey Arrigo and Lindsay Leuschner appeared in the Russel Peters Christmas Special.

DECEMBER 2011 – Student Chantelle Good attended the NYCDA convention in Nashville Tennssee and was awarded “Teen Outstanding Dancer” and the “Triple Threat” award.

November 2011 – Gilda’s Club – “It’s Always Something” – Jennifer Pappas and Evan Supple performed in this prestigious charity event at the Sony Centre with Paul Schaeffer – choreographed by Jeff Dimitriou

November 2011 – Student Julian Elia will make his BROADWAY debut, in the role of Billy Elliot in the Tony Award Winning Musical!

November 2011 – Alumni Melanie Mah will be on an episode of “Glee”

November 2011 – Alumni Melanie Mah performed on an episode of XFactor

October 2011 – COASTAL DANCE RAGE – Our competitive team attended CDR in Toronto.  The following dancers were awarded class “prodigy” scholarships: Grace Lethbridge, Trinity James, Findlay McConnell, Irene Chang, Sydney Morris, Zenon Zubyk, Kyle Clarke, Jhaleil Swaby, Kyal Rankine, Maddie Hanson, Jazzmin James. FREESTYLE BATTLE – Maddie Hanson & Jazzmin James made the top 6 in the Senior Freestyle battle and Jazzmin ended with a 3rd place finish.  FACULTY PICK – Schymera Samuels was awarded a faculty pick partial scholarship!  PRODIGY OF THE WEEKEND: Junior – 3rd Trinity James, 2nd Grace Lethbridge, 1st Findlay McConnell Teen: 5th Maddie Hanson, 3rd Jazzmin James.  An amazing weekend for our dancers!

October 2011 – Alumni Melanie Mah performed on an episode of America’s Got Talent

October 2011 – Triple Threat Dance Convention – Congratulations to Jazzmin James, winner of the Intermediate “Definite Threat” and audition class award at the Triple Threat Dance Convention!

October 2011 – JUMP Dance Convention – Our dancers attended the JUMP Dance Convention in Toronto – we had an amazing weekend of classes and ended up with 24 VIP finalists including 9 NINE Winners!!!  Congrats VIP Winners: Grace Lethbridge, Findlay McConnell, Jhaleil Swaby, Jazzmin James, Maddie Hanson, Aiyesha Talarico, Zenon Zubyk, Kyle Clarke, Jennifer Pappas and Runners up:  Trinity James, Rosalie Elia, Sammie Cheng, Vanessa Kiriakou, Kyal Rankine, Seana Williams, Samantha Siskos, Chantelle Good, Julian Elia, Marlee Liss, Kristen Tassiopoulos, Evan Supple, Wesley Tang.  Congrats to the following class scholarship winners: Sarah Morris, Sejon Balachandrian, Laura Hergott, Ariius McCaughin, Moses Rankine, Karina Tassiopoulos, Jessica Mellor, Emma Harvey, Megan McKenzie, Jocelynn Roy, Stefania Sorichetti, Shevya Stewart!

Fall 2011 – TIBT Nutcracker – Congratulations to our dancers who successfully auditioned for the Toronto International Ballet Theatre’s performance of The Nutrcacker!  The performance will take place in December.

October 2011 – Triple Threat Dance Convention – Congratulations to Jazzmin James, winner of the Intermediate “Definite Threat” and audition class award at the Triple Threat Dance Convention!

September 2011 – Alumni Melanie Mah performed on the MDA Labor Day Telethon in Las Vegas, choreographed by Nick Florez (Katy Perry, Britney Spears)

August 2011 – Alumni Melanie Mah danced in a Music Video for China McClain (new Disney artist) from Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.  Choreography by Aakamon “AJ” Jones (Usher, Jason DeRulo, Keri Hilson)

August 2011 – Alumni Melanie Mah choreographed a music video for Australian artist Havana Brown.

October 2011 – Lindsay Leuschner will be travelling to Mexico to perform at the PanAm Games, choreography by the amazing Luther Brown.

September 2011 – Student Ty Forhan departed for rehearsals in NYC – he will be continuing his role as “Billy” with the touring production of Billy Elliot!

September 2011 – Alumni Geisha Chin filmed a new video “Shut Up and Dance”, for recording artist Victoria Duffield.  Choreography by Luther Brown.

Fall 2011 – Alumni Justin Lopes will be performing with a new Toronto based contemporary company called Conteur.  Bianca Melchior will be apprenticing with the same company.

Fall 2011 – Alumni Joey Arrigo will be touring with Rasta Tomas’s “Bad Boys of Dance” beginning in November!

September 2011 – Students Julian Elia and Ty Forhan wrapped up their final performances as “Billy”  in the Toronto production of Billy Elliot.

September 2011 – Alumni Justin Lopes and Megan Moniz performed on the YTV NextStar finale!

September 2011 – Alumni Geisha Chin performed live with Victoria Duffield and the YTV NextStar Finale!

August 2011 – Samantha Siskos was awarded the prestigious “Publishers Choice” award, and a $3,000.00 bursary through the York Region Celebration of the Arts.  She will guest perform at the Gala in September.

Summer 2011 – Students Joey Arrigo, Lindsay Leuschner, and Geisha Chin made the Top 22 on So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 4!  Joey and Geisha made it all the way to the Top 12 and Lindsay danced her way right to the Top 6 finale!  WOW!!!

Summer 2011 – Students Bianca Melchior and Jennifer Pappas, and alumni Justin Lopes,  were busy behind the scenes of SYTYCDC Season 4, assisting choreographers Sean Cheesman, Mia Michaels, Stacey Tookey, and Blake McGrath

August 2011 – Student Findlay McConnell filmed a commercial for SpringFree Trampolines!

July 2011– The Dance Awards – Nationals NYC – Many of our dancers attended The Dance Awards Nationals in NYC, we are happy to report that we had 10 TEN dancers finish in the top 10 of their respective divisions in the “Best Dancer” competition, 4 in the top 3 and 1 National Winner!  Congrats to : Grace Lethbridge, Top 10 Mini Female, Findlay McConnell 3rd Place Mini Male, Maddie Hanson Top 10 Junior Female, Jazzmin James 3rd Place Junior Female, Jhaleil Swaby 3rd Place Junior Male, Kyle Clarke Top 10 Teen Male, Zenon Zubyk Top 10 Teen Male, Justin Lopes Top 10 Senior Male, Jennifer Pappas Top 10 Senior Female, Bianca Melchior – WINNER – Senior Female.  Additionally, the studio made it into the Top 5 in the Studio of the Year competition and participated in a dance off with the nation’s top schools, and, was nominated in several divisions and were the WINNERS in the outstanding choreographic achievement for Cosmic Love.  Our teen company dancers “Cosmic Love” got to perform at the Beacon Theater in NYC !

July 2011 – NYCDA – Nationals NYC – Maddie Hanson placed 3rd in the Junior Female Outstanding Dancer division, and Evan Supple made the top 10 of the Senior Male Outstanding division.  Additionally, Evan was awarded scholarships to some very prestigious Universities and Colleges!!  He was awarded $48,000.00 to Point Park and $46,000.00 to Marymount!  Amazing news!!

June 2011 – TERPICHORE Dance Celebration – stopped by our annual Year End Show to deliver some amazing news and a $1,000.00 cheque!  Our Elite company routine Spell on You Choreographed by Nick Lazzarini was the highest scoring group routine of the entire Terpsichore Tour during the 2011 competitive season.  Student Joey Arrigo was also awarded as the highest scoring solo of their entire season!

JUNE 12, 2011 – Big News!!!  Student Julian Elia will make his debut as “Billy” in the smash it musical BILLY ELLIOT!!!  Sunday June 12th – 1:30 pm @ the Canon Theatre in Toronto.

MAY 2011 – Joey Arrigo can be seen in the new Disney release Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure starring Ashley Tisdale!

MAY 2011 – Joey Arrigo and Bianca Melchoir – Are filming a new Disney Movie choreographed by Nappytabs called COBU 3D

MAY 2011 – Melanie Mah – filmed a new music video with recording artist Aleesia called “Life of the Party”!

MAY 2011 – Joey Arrigo filmed a new music video for performing artist Kai – “I Choose Me”

SPRING 2011 – Alumni Adam Sergison is currently performing in West Side Story at the Neptune Theatre in Halifax.

MAY 2011 – Billy Elliot Performance Dates announced for student Ty Forhan! –May 25th – 7:30 pm,  May 28th – 7:30 pm, May 31st 7:00 pm, June 3rd 7:30 pm.

MAY 2011 – Students Joey Arrigo and Bianca Melchior are shooting a new Disney Movie “Cobu” – choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon!

APRIL 2011 – BILLY ELLIOT – Students Julian Elia & Ty Forhan have BOTH been cast in the role of BILLY in the hit musical Billy Elliot!  The boys will both make their stage debut with the Toronto cast.  A huge congratulations to the boys and our talented staff, what an accomplishment.  This is huge news for the boys and the studio…. stay tuned for performance details!

APRIL 2011 – Alumni Melanie Mah performed with Kanye West at Coachella in L.A.!

MARCH 2011 – Student Joey Arrigo – Has successfully obtained a 3 year work Visa – getting ready to head off to the U.S. for exciting times as an aspiring professional dancer!  Wishing him the best of luck next season, we are sure he will have lots of exciting news for us, and of course new experiences to bring home and share with his dance family!

MARCH 2011 – JUMP CONVENTION – BUFFALO – Dancers attended the JUMP convention in Buffalo.  Congrats to our VIP Winners: Evan Supple, Zenon Zubyk, Jazzmin James, Seana Williams, Grace Lethbridge – & runners up: Madison Booth, Jaime Fok, Arielle Talarico, Maxine Shaw, Kristen Tassiopoulos, Shevya Stewart, Samantha Siskos, Victoria Inacio, Trinity James, Megan Lethbridge, Sammie Cheng, Sarah Minacs, Karina Tassiopoulos, Rosalie Elia.  Congrats to our FOUR best of Jump winners:  Spell on You, Someone Like You, Fallin in Love, & Meet Me at the Roxy

MARCH 2011 – DISNEY PILOTMelanie Mah filmed a new Disney Pilot in LA!

MARCH 2011 – NYCDA BUFFALO – Evan Supple wins Sr Outstanding Dancer and Maddie Hanson wins Junior Outstanding Dancer at the NYCDA regional convention in Buffalo.

FEBRUARY 2011 – BLAKE MCGRATH STAGEFRIGHT TOUR – Justin Lopes is touring with Blake McGrath on his Canadian tour promoting his debut album.  Joey Arrigo and Lindsay Leuschner performed a duet at his Toronto tour stop on Family Day.

JANUARY 2011 – NUVO CONVENTION – BUFFALO – Dancers attended the NUVO convention in Buffalo.  Congrats to our breakout artist winners:  Grace Lethbridge, Findlay McConnell, Maddie Hanson, Jazzmin James, Jhaleil Swaby, Zenon Zubyk, Samantha Siskos, Joey Arrigo, Lindsay Leuschner – & runners up – Sofia Laftsidis, Trinity James, Seana Williams, Kristen Tassiopoulos, Aiyesha Talarico, Noelle Douitsis, Shevya Stewart, Kyle Clarke, Jenna Tabachnick, Madison Booth, Evan Supple, Megan Moniz, Jennifer Pappas


JANUARY 2011 -STAGEFRIGHT –  dancers and alumni Lindsay Leuschner, Jennifer Pappas, Bianca Melchior, Arielle Talarico, Jenna Tabachnick, and Melanie Mah filmed Blake McGrath’s newest video “Stagefright”, choreographed by Nappytabs!

DECEMBER 2010 – CHOREOGRAPHERS BALL – Dancers and alumni Joey Arrigo and Melanie Mah performed in a piece choreographed by Eryn Waltman for this years choreo ball in Toronto!

DECEMBER 2010 – MELANIE MAH – Successfully obtained a 3 year work Visa and will be moving to LA in January to pursue her dreams!

DECEMBER 2010 – NEW YEARS EVE @ NATHAN PHILIPS – Justin Lopes & Lindsay Leuschner performed with Blake McGrath at the City TV New Years performance at Nathan Philips Square!

DECEMBER 2010 – Artists Simply Human – Philadelphia – Maddie Hanson won a full year scholarship and the opportunity to assist ASH Contemporary conventions and workshops.

DECEMBER 2010- JUMP CONVENTION – Montreal – Several of our competitive students travelled to Montreal to participate in the Jump Convention.  Congratulations to the following VIP winners and runners up:  Mini VIP Winner – Katie Minacs, Junior VIP Winner – Maddie Hanson, Runners UP – Victoria Inacio & Sarah Minacs, Teen/Senior VIP Runners Up – Katrina Barclay. Olexa Kobyleckyj, Marlee Liss, Evan Supple, Senior VIP Winner – Bianca Melchior

DECEMBER 2010 – Billy Elliot! – Julian Elia & Ty Forhan are 2 of the last seven standing in the search for a new Billy Elliot for the hit musical!  The pair will travel to NYC in December to work with the creative team!

NOVEMBER 2010 – Joey Arrigo & Justin Lopes performed in a series of Cabaret Shows in Toronto with Lady Luck Productions!

OCTOBER 2010 – COASTAL DANCE RAGE –  Our Competitive Team attended the Coastal Dance Rage convention in Toronto!  Congrats to the following individual class winners:  Trinity James & Jhaleil Swaby (Ian Eastwood), Grace Lethbridge, Bianca Melchior, Samantha Siskos (Dee Caspary), Jazzmin James (Mia Michaels), Katie Minacs & Zenon Zubyk (Fransisco Gella), Findlay McConnell & Megan Lethbridge (Chloe Arnold), Sydney Morris & Bianca Melchior (Shannon Mather), Julian Elia (Twitch), Victoria Inacio & Jennifer Pappas.  SUMMER INTENSIVE WINNERS: Jenna Tabachnick, Findlay McConnell. FREESTYLE 12 & Under Winner – Seana Williams, Top 5 – Jazzmin James.  13 & Over Winner – Joey Arrigo.  DANCER OF THE WEEKEND Runner Ups – Maddie Hanson, Bianca Melchior, Megan Moniz.  JUNIOR APPRENTICES – Sydney Morris & Trinity James.  TEEN APPRENTICE – Jazzmin James. SENIOR APPRENTICE – Joey Arrigo

FALL ONGOING – CAT IN THE HAT – Jacob Ewaniuk is the voice of Nick on the Cat in the Hat on Treehouse!

OCTOBER 2010 – Melanie Mah filmed a Keshia Chante music video called “Table Dancer”, choreographed by Luther Brown!

OCTOBER 2010 – Joey Arrigo, Justin Lopes & Lindsay Leuschner assisted Mia Michaels with a top 4 group routine for the SYTYCDC finale!

OCTOBER 2010 – Our students were treated to guest classes by Ben Susak, Teddy Forance and Travis Wall!!

OCTOBER 2010 – – JUMP DANCE CONVENTION – Our competitive team attended the Jump Dance convention and took classes from Stacey Tookey, Teddy Forance, Nick Lazzarini, Ivan Kroumaev, Katy Spreadbury, & Mandy Moore! -Several students were chosen as VIP scholarship winners and runners up!  Congrats to: Grace Lethbridge, Findlay McConnell – WINNER, Ty Forhan, Julian Elia, Jazzmin James, Maddie Hanson, Seana Williams, Jhaleil Swaby-WINNER, Zenon Zubyk, Samantha Siskos, Kristen Tassiopoulos, Bianca Melchior, Jenna Tabachnik, Madison Booth, Kirill Poselyanov, Jennifer Pappas – WINNER, Lindsay Leuschner – WINNER, Megan Moniz – WINNER, Justin Lopes – WINNER.

OCTOBER 2010 – Justin Lopes, Joey Arrigo, and Melanie Mah will be performing at the Bell Gala ….. choreography by Travis Wall & Teddy Forance!

OCTOBER 2010 – Our ballet program directors Miss Anna & Vladimir will be guest teaching at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet!!

SEPTEMBER 2010 – Students/Alumni Joey Arrigo and Melanie Mah assisted Blake McGrath with the “Teenage Dream” duet on SYTYCDC S3!

SEPTEMBER 2010 – COASTAL DANCE RAGE – CALGARY – Congratulations to Maddie Hanson on a successful weekend at CDR Calgary!  Maddie won a class scholarship from Shannon Mather, Junior Freestyle Battle champion and Teen dancer of the weekend!

SEPTEMBER 2010 – TIFF – Rosalie Elia played the role of Annie in a film called “You Are Here” directed by Daniel Cockburn featured at this years film festival!

SEPTEMBER 2010 – Justin Lopes performed in the Magna “HoeDown” in Aurora!

SEPTEMBER 2010 – Blake McGraths “Relax” video premiered on Much Music.  Check it out at www.muchmusic.com congrats to Joey Arrigo, Lindsay Leuschner, Melanie Mah and Justin Lopes for your roles in the video choreographed by Mia Michaels!

SEPTEMBER 2010 – Students Megan Moniz & Justin Lopes booked the finale of YTV Next Star!

SEPTEMBER 2010 – Students/Alumni Joey Arrigo, Justin Lopes & Melanie Mah will be performing at the Bell Gala on October 14th!

SEPTEMBER 2010 – Students/Alumni Joey Arrigo & Melanie Mah assisted Blake McGrath with the Afterall duet on the set of SYTYCDC!

SEPTEMBER 2010 – Joey Arrigo is the Senior Dance Champion at the Rising Star competition at the CNE as well as runner up to the Grand Champion!

SEPTEMBER 2010 – Melanie Mah interviewed by Canada AM on the set of SYTYCDC

SEPTEMBER 2010 – Joey Arrigo & Melanie Mah assisted Mia Michaels with the top 18 group piece for SYTYCDC! 

SEPTEMBER 2010 – Camp Rock 2 premieres!  Congrats to student Madison Booth on her dance role!

AUGUST 2010 – Students & Alumni Lindsay Leuschner, Joey Arrigo, & Melanie Mah assisted Blake McGrath with his California Gurlz duet on SYTYCDC!

AUGUST 2010 – Summer Intensive 2010 was a huge success!  Thanks to Mandy Moore, Dee Caspary, Blake McGrath, Tiffany MacLean, Randi Kemper, Hani Abaza, and Jaci Royal for amazing classes!

AUGUST 2010 – Congratulations to graduates Geisha Chin & Adam Sergison on making it all the way to Toronto week on SYTYCDC Season 3!  Be sure to watch for them in Toronto finals week.  Melanie Mah and Lindsay Leuschner can also be seen assisting Blake McGrath during the contemporary round at Toronto finals week! 

AUGUST 2010 – BLAKE MCGRATHS MUSIC VIDEO “RELAX” – is being filmed in Toronto – choreography by Mia Michaels!!  A huge congratulations to Joey Arrigo, Justin Lopes, Melanie Mah, and Lindsay Leuschner who will be dancing in what will most certainly be an amazing video!

AUGUST 2010 – SUMMER RUSH – Congratulations to Melanie Mah, Geisha Chin, Justin Lopes & Lindsay Leuschner who will be performing at this years Summer Rush dancing for Blake McGrath!  Melanie will also be dancing for Bass Hunter.  Be sure to get your tickets for the show – Sunday August 8th!

AUGUST 2010 – Congratulations to Julian Elia!  Julian has been busy filming a new HBO series called The Yard which will air next year.  He also just filmed a Sears commercial which will begin airing on August 23rd!

Congratulations to our dancers who participated in the CDR summer intensive!  The calibre of dancing was outstanding and we came out with some overall winners and some really exciting opportunities!  – Seana Williams – 3rd – Jr Dancer of the weekend; Jazzmin James 3rd – Teen Dancer of the weekend – Lindsay Leuschner – Winner – Senior Dancer of the weekend and “apprentice” for the 2010/2011 CDR tour.  Congrats dancers!

AUGUST 2010 – Congratulations Joey Arrigo – Joey will be performing at the Capezio A.C.E. Choreography awards in New York City in a piece choreographed by Misha Gabriel.

JULY 2010 – NYC – JUMP NATIONALS – Congratulations to our team of dancers who attended the Jump Nationals.  In the National VIP division we had a great showing!  Congratulations to Findlay McConnell – Mini Male VIP 1st runner up ; Ty Forhan – Junior Male VIP 2nd runner up ; Justin Lopes – Senior Male VIP 6th place finish; Jennifer Pappas – Senior Female VIP 6th place finish; Lindsay Leuschner – Senior Female VIP 1st runner up ; Joey Arrigo – Senior Male VIP WINNER!  Additionally, congratulations to Sweet Dream – Sr Best of Jump Winner – Sweet Dream (choreographed by Blake McGrath), along with Joey Arrigo’s “Hallelujah” had the opportunity to perform in the closing show at the Hammerstein theatre for a packed house with several notable dance celebrities.  What an honour!

JULY 2010 – Congratulations to Melanie Mah on completing a season of assisting all the Pulse Faculty as a Protege.  She had the opportunity to assist Brian Friedman, Mia Michaels, Tyce Diorio, Laurieann Gibson, Gil Duldulao, Dave Scott, Desmond Richardson, and Chris Judd at all of their summer events.  She also assisted Mia Michaels alongside Ben Susak for the Pulse 2010 tour season and worked with Tucker Barkley on the Pulse Protege piece in NYC.

JULY 2010 – Congratulations to alumni Adam Sergison – Adam has landed a lead role with the Canadian Opera Company!

JULY 2010 – Congratulations to Joey Arrigo – Joey will be filiming a new television series called “Hellcats” with Ashley Tisdale in Vancouver!!

JUNE 2010 – Congratulations to Melanie Mah
who is shooting a video for “Monster High”, a promo for an upcoming movie which is based on a line of toys from Mattel Inc. Visit  http://www.pajiba.com/trade_news/mattel-developing-a-monster-high-horror-musical.php  & www.monsterhigh.com for more info on this exciting project!

JUNE 2010 – Congratulations to Melanie Mah & Joey Arrigo who will be dancing at the MMVA’s – Melanie will be dancing for Katy Perry & Joey will be dancing for Adam Lambert!

JUNE 2010 – Congratulations Joey Arrigo who is shooting a new Disney movie with Ashley Tisdale!

JUNE 2010- Congratulations to Melanie Mah who filmed music videos for Addictiv and Canadian Country music artist Jerry Sereda.

MAY 2010 – Congratulations to Melanie Mah and Lindsay Leuschner who assisted Blake McGrath and the Toronto finals week contemporary round for SYTYCDC Season 3!

MAY 2010 – Congratulations to Melanie Mah who danced in Coco Rocha’s Strut for a Cure at Berkeley Church!

MAY 2010 – Congratulations Hall of Fame Inductees –
Joey Arrigo – Hallelujah, Joey & Lindsay – Stupid, The Long Walk & Wasted Time.  www.halloffamedance.com – Detroit East May 21-23.

MAY 2010 – Congratulations Rhythm Cup Winners – Mini – Lyrical Minuet, Junior – The Chain, Senior – All I Want!

APRIL 2010- Blake McGraths music video “The Night” premieres – congratulations to dancers Joey Arrigo and Lindsay Leuschner who can be seen in the video!  Wishing our good friend Blake McGrath much success with his new adventure!

Congratulations to “Mannequin”, our teen/senior/elite hip hop line choregoraphed by Miss Jodi on winning the Senior Dance Off at Fever!  www.feverdancechampionships.com

FEBRUARY 2010 – YOUTH AMERICA GRAND PRIX – CHICAGO- Dancers Alena Loboda, Kirill Poselyanov, Joey Arrigo, Lindsay Leuschner, Jennifer Pappas, Alena Bystrova & Maria Petin travelled to Chicago for the YAGP ballet competition.  Maria Petin placed in the top 20 females, Kirill Poselyanov placed 1st in the male division and Joey Arrigo was awarded the prestigious “Grand Prix” award.  Our outstanding teachers Anna Karpova and Vladimir Karpov were awarded special recognition for outstanding teaching and Kirill was awarded a Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive Scholarship!  Congratulations teachers and dancers….a big step for our studio onto the international ballet competitive stage.

FEBRUARY 2010 – You can hear Rosalie Elia on a TD Bank radio commercial about retirement….congrats Rosie!

DECEMBER 2009 – Catch Melanie Mah on tour with the top 10 for SYTYCDC Season 2!!

NOVEMBER 2009 – Congratulations to student Justin Lopes and alumni Adam Sergison who landed dance roles in the Disney film Harriet the Spy!

NOVEMBER 2009 – Congratulations to Joey Arrigo and Lindsay Leuschner who travelled to South Carolina to assist the faculty on the Jump Convention! Joey’s solo performance is currently featured on the JUMP homepage www.breakthefloor.com/jump

NOVEMBER 2009 – Congratulations to Trinity James who can now be seen in a Sears Christmas commercial!

NOVEMBER 1, 2009 – JUMP DANCE CONVENTION – Dancers attended the JUMP convention in Toronto…we are so proud of our dancers who were awarded class scholarships as well as VIP scholarships.  Congratuations to the following VIP Winners – Jhaleil Swaby – Mini, Joey Arrigo, Jennifer Pappas, Lindsay Leuschner Senior.  Congratulations to the following VIP runner ups: Kaprice Levy-Tjonasan, Sammie Cheng, Findlay McConnell, Grace Lethbridge, Jazzmin James, Kirill Poselyanov, Kayla Troughton, Arielle Talarico, Geisha Chin. VIP winners and runners up qualify to compete at the Nationals in NYC!  Congratulations to the following class scholarship winners: Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical: Julian Elia, Kelly Nimens, Jaime Fok, Justin Lopes, Seana Williams Hip Hop: Victoria Inacio, Sydney Morris, Ty Forhan, Aieysha Talarico Tap: Noelle Douitsis Ballet: Chelsea McMurray, Rachel Lam, Sarah Minacs, Cassandra MacLellan!

– MELANIE MAH FINISHES TOP 6 ON SYTYCDC!  We are so proud of her, congratulations!!!

OCTOBER 2009 – Joey Arrigo, Lindsay Leuschner, & Jennifer Pappas had the opportunity to assist Mia Michaels with the amazing top 10 routine for the So You Think You Can Dance Canada Finale show!  Congrats, what an opportunity!

OCTOBER 2009- Coastal Dance Rage Convention- Students attended CDR and took classes from Benji Schwimmer, Mary Murphy, Sonya Tayeh, Blake McGrath, Bobby Newberry, Francisco Gella, Shannon Mather, Twitch, & Kenny Wormald!  Congratulations to the following students on winning individual class scholarships: Findlay McConnell, Ty Forhan, Jhaleil Swaby, Jazzmin James, Seana Williams, Joey Arrigo, Lindsay Leuschner.  Some of our students also participated in the Freestyle battle which consisted of rounds of improv in jazz, hip hop and contemporary.  Congratulations to Jazzmin James- 1st runner up in the Jr. Battle, and Seana Williams – WINNER of the Jr. Battle.  In the senior division Joey Arrigo was 2nd runner up and alumni Adam Sergison rounded out the top 6.  DANCER OF THE WEEKEND- selected by the faculty – JR DIVISION – Jazzmin James, 1st Runner Up, Seana Williams – WINNER.  SR DIVISION – Joey Arrigo 2nd Runner Up, Lindsay Leuschner – WINNER! Congrats to everyone!

SEPTEMBER 2009 – Congratulations to Joey Arrigo and Lindsay Leuschner who were cast as dancers in Blake McGraths debut music video set to be released this fall!

SEPTEMBER 2009 – Congratulations to Joey Arrigo and Lindsay Leuschner who have had the opportunity to assist Blake McGrath on the set of So You Think You Can Dance Canada!

SEPTEMBER 2009 – Congratulations to Lindsay Leuschner and Jennifer Pappas who had the amazing opportunity to assist Mia Michaels with the top 3 girls routine on So You Think You Can Dance Canada!

SEPTEMBER 2009 – Congratulations to Joey Arrigo who assisted Sean Cheesman on the set of So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

SEPTEMBER 2009 – Congratulations to Joey Arrigo who recently performed as a dancer in the Bell Gala in support of Sick Kids Hospital.

AUGUST 2009 – SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA! – Congratulations to Melanie Mah who has made the Top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance Canada!!  We are so proud of you!  Make sure you pick up your phones and Vote Vote Vote!!!

AUGUST 2009 – Congratulations to Jazzmin James who made it to the finals at the CNE Rising Star Competition!

AUGUST 2009 – Congratulations to Adam Sergison who just shot a National commercial for Intact Insurance!

AUGUST 2009 – Stars among us….be sure to check out our amazing summer intensive workshop featuring choregoraphers Blake McGrath, Dee Caspary, Gil Duldulao, Natasha Louis, Tiffany McLean, & David Cox.

AUGUST 2009 –
Congratulations to Melanie Mah and Victoria Marshman who both made it to the Toronto finals week on So You Think You Can Dance Canada!

AUGUST 2009 – Congratulations to Madison Booth and Danielle Schleese who have made it to the finals in the York Region Celebration of the Arts competition.

AUGUST 2009 – Congratulations to Madison Booth who landed a dance role in Camp Rock 2!  Rehearsals begin in August and shooting will take place throughout the fall!

JULY 2009 – DANCE TEACHER SUMMIT NEW YORK – Congratulations to Melanie Mah and Lindsay Leuschner who were selected to perform in the Fashion Forward event at the Dance Teacher Summit in New York City.  The show was choreographed by Mandy Moore!

JULY 2009 – PULSE NATIONALS – Congratulations to Melanie Mah who won 2nd runner up in the prestigious Pulse Protege competition.  She competed against dancers who won the title of protege at regional events across Canada and the US.  Proteges have the opportunity to travel with the convention and assist the choreographers. 

JULY 2009 – DMA NATIONAL CONVENTION – WASHINGTON DC – Congratulations to our Canadian title holders: Jennifer Pappas, Teen Miss Dance of Canada, Lindsay Leuschner, Miss Dance of Canada, and Joey Arrigo, Mr. Dance of Canada who travelled to the National finals where they competed against title holders from DMA chapters across Canada and the US.  We are so proud to report that Jennifer Pappas had a top 10 finish in the Teen Miss Dance of America division, Lindsay Leuschner was 2nd runner up in the Miss Dance of America division and Joey Arrigo captured the prestigious title of “Mr. Dance of America”.  Joey is 1 of only 2 Canadians in history to win the titles of Junior, Teen and Mr. Dance of America, the last Canadian to capture all 3 titles was renowned dancer and choreographer Blake McGrath.  Congratulations dancers!

Several dancers from our senior competitive team travelled to NYC to participate in the Jump National Convention.  7 of our students participated in the Jump VIP competition against some of the top dancers from Canada and the US.  We are pleased to announce the following dancers who made it into the top 10 finalists: Teen – Jennifer Pappas & Madison Booth, Senior – Joey Arrigo, Melanie Mah, & Lindsay Leuschner.  The top 10 participated in onstage audition classes and 4 rounds of freestyle in an effort to achieve a spot in the prestigious top 3.  Congratulations to Lindsay Leuschner who finished as 2nd runner up in the Senior female division and Joey Arrigo who finished as 1st runner up in the Senior male division.

MARCH 2009 – DMA SOLO TITLE COMPETITION –Dancers from our competitive program had the opportunity to compete in the Dance Masters of America Chapter #38 Titled Soloist Pageant.  We are thrilled to announce that we have 3 new title holders from our studio.  Congratulations to Jennifer Pappas, Teen Miss Dance of Canada; Lindsay Leuschner, Miss Dance of Canada; Joey Arrigo, Mr. Dance of Canada.  The title holders will have the chance to compete for the National Titles in Washington this summer.  We are proud of all of our dancers who participated in the event and are pleased to announce these additional exciting results – In the Junior division: Seana Williams, 1st Runner Up and Interview award winner; Jenna Farrell, 4th Runner Up. In the teen division: Sara Csizik, 2nd Runner Up.  In the Miss division: Arielle Talarico, 2nd runner up and Interview award winner; Jaime Fok, Miss Congeniality; Madison Booth, Essay award winner.

MARCH 2009 – JUMP CONVENTION BUFFALO – Dancers travelled to Buffalo to take classes from esteemed faculty including Mandy Moore, Dee Caspary, Nick Lazzarini, Kim McSwain, Katy Spreadbury, Misha Gabriel and Mike Minery.  Congratulations to Jennifer Pappas and Lindsay Leuschner on winning Teen & Senior VIP.  Runners up included Madison Booth, Sara Csizik, Kayla Troughton, Melanie Mah.  The winners and runners up will have the chance to compete for the title of National VIP’s in New York this summer!

MARCH 2009 – PULSE CONVENTION – Congratulations to Joey Arrigo and Melanie Mah who were awarded the titles of Advanced Protege and Advanced-Pro Protege respectively.  They will have the opportunity to travel to New York this summer to work with the Pulse faculty and compete for the title of Elite Protege!  They had the opportunity to work with Mia Michaels, Wade Robson, Chris Judd, Gil Duldulao, Brian Friedman and Tyce Diorio at this event.

NOVEMBER 2008 – So You Think You Can Dance Canada – 4 of our Elite competitive students had the opportunity to work with the amazing Mia Michaels on the “top ten” group routine on the set of So You Think You Can Dance Canada!!  What an honour and an amazing opportunity for our dancers!

OCTOBER 2008 – JUMP CONVENTION – Dancers on our competitive team had the opportunity to participate at the JUMP convention and work with choreographers Dee Caspary, Mandy Moore, Nick Lazzarini, Eddie Morales, Kim MacSwain, Katy Spreadbury and Mike Minery.  Over the course of the weekend dancers were selected for various scholarships. Congratulations to the following class scholarship winners:  Arielle Talarico, Danielle Schleese, Taylor Scrymgeour, Noelle Douitsis, Seana Williams, Jenna Farrell, Rachel Lam.  VIP Runner Ups – Jhaleil Swaby, Madison Booth, Jennie Pappas and VIP Winners – Mini – Jazzmin James, Senior – Joey Arrigo.  Congratulations dancers on a great weekend! 

October 2008 – Coastal Dance Rage – Dancers on Elite’s competitive team attended a convention with some of the industry’s finest choreographers including Blake McGrath, Mia Michaels, Benji Schwimmer, Bobby Newberry, Shannon Mather, Kenny Wormald, & Fransisco Gella.  Out of the hundreds of dancers in attendance, many of our students managed to stand out from the crowd.  Congratulations to Adam Sergison, Joey Arrigo, Melanie Mah, Jennifer Pappas, Jazzmin James & Jhaleil Swaby who were awarded scholarships for standing out in their classes.  Additionally, Lindsay Leuschner won the Sr. Freestyle competition and our dancers ranked tops in the “Dancer of The Weekend” awards.  Congrats to Jazzmin James – Jr. Dancer of the weekend, Lindsay Leuschner 2nd Runner Up – Senior Dancer of the weekend, Joey Arrigo 1st Runner Up – Senior Dancer of the Weekend & Melanie Mah – Winner – Sr. Dancer of the Weekend!  What an honour to be recognized by such prestigious choreographers.

October 2008 – Rosalie & Julian were on EZ Rock 97.3 for the launch of the new Roll Play on Treehouse TV.  They were on air talking about the importance of exercise.  Great role models for our young dancers!

September 2008 – New episodes of Rosalie & Julian’s “Are We There Yet” world adventures are still running on Treehouse TV and Discovery Kids.  They can also be seen in some new episodes of “Roll Play” on Treehouse. 

September 2008 – Elite was chosen by Coty Cosmetics to choreograph and perform for the launch of the new Gwen Stefani perfume arriving soon at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Congratulations to Miss Jodi on being hired for the choreography and to dancers Victoria Marshman, Melanie Mah, Arielle Talarico, and Lindsay Leuschner for their outstanding performances at the Shoppers Drug Mart industrial!

September 2008 – Congratulations to Adam Sergison on his successful audition for the Helix Dance Project.  He will be performing with the company this December at the Betty Oliphant Theatre.

September 2008 – York Region Celebration of the Arts – Congratulations to Jordyne Williams on winning a $1,000.00 Bursary for her performance at the Celebration of the Arts competition this past summer.

September 2008 – “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” – Congratulations to Elite Dancers Victoria Marshman & Adam Sergison.  In case you didn’t catch the show, Victoria made it through to the choreography round at the Toronto auditions and Adam made it to the finals in Toronto at the Montreal auditions. 

August 2008 – Congratulations to Rosalie & Julian Elia who just finished shooting a national commercial for Sears.  Julian has also just booked a commercial for Tim Hortons.  Way to go!

July 14th – Orlando Florida – Student Jhaleil Swaby wins the title of “Master Dance of America 2009” at the Dance Masters of America National Solo Title Competition in Orlando Florida.  Congratulations Jhaleil!!

July 7th – NYC – Joey Arrigo & Melanie Mah attended the Brian Friedman Intensive at the Pulse in NYC.  They were among 24 dancers selected from accross Canada & the US through a video audition that they were invited to submit.  Additionally, Joey performed his solo in the Pulse scholarship program and was selected as one of two “Pulse Entertainer of the Year” winners.

July 3rd – NYC –
A group of Senior dancers attended the Nuvo Convention in NYC.  They were treated to classes by some of the best in the biz – Ray Leeper, Mark Meismer, Justin Giles, Travis Wall, Cory Finn, Ivan Kroumaev, and Caroline Lewis.  Congratulations to Lindsay Leuschner, Melanie Mah, Joey Arrigo & Adam Sergison, who were all awarded “standout scholarships” from the faculty!

Summer 2008 – We had an awesome summer intensive workshop – Guest faculty included: Blake McGrath (currently the audition choreographer and alternate judge on So You Think You Can Dance Canada), Bobby Newberry, Randi Kemper, Dee Caspary, Tiffany MacLean & Kenny Wormald!  WOW!  What an amazing group of talented choreographers under the same roof!  A great time was had by all who attended.

April 2008
– Canadian Dance Masters of America Chapter #38 Crowns it’s new title holders.  Congratulations to Elite Danceworx students:  Jhaleil Swaby – Master Dance of Canada 2008, Jazzmin James – Junior Miss Dance of Canada 2008, and Melanie Mah – Miss Dance of Canada 2008.  The new title holders will be travelling to Orlando this Summer to compete in the National Title Competition.

December 2007 – Elite Danceworx student Adam Sergison lands a role in the Mirvish Production of We Will Rock You!  Congratulations Adam!

Spring 08 – Students Jazzmin James, Trinity James, and Jhaleil Swaby will be dancing again this summer for the Toronto Blue Jays Jr. Jays team!  Congrats!

Fall 2007 – Joey Arrigo, Melanie Mah & Adam Sergison land roles on the Spinmaster Toys new Instructional “Bella Dancerella” DVD.  In connection with Disney, the DVD is based on the choreography from High School Musical 2.  Melanie is one of the 2 lead females!  Congratulations!

Fall 2007 – Adam Sergison landed a dancing role in the upcoming Disney movie “Camp Rock”.  Watch for the release summer 2008!

Summer 2007 – Joey Arrigo won the prestigious title of Teen Mr. Dance of America at the Dance Masters National Convention in New York City!