As Toronto, Ontario’s leading dance studio, Elite Danceworx has been inspiring and training young dancers since 1995. Elite offers premium dance classes in Markham in a wide variety of dance styles to suit any and every dancer’s preference.

At Elite you can choose from:

  • Jazz dance classes
  • Ballet dancing
  • Tap dancing
  • Acro / Acrobatics dance classes
  • Hip Hop dance classes
  • Tumbling
  • Contemporary dance
  • Yoga
  • Barre Fitness

Elite is sure to have dance classes in Markham that are perfect for you!

Over the years Elite Danceworx has earned it’s place amongst Toronto’s top dance schools and is a leading name in the field of competitive dance. We are extremely proud of the many dancers we have trained who have moved on to exciting professional careers in film, theatre & television.

No less important are those who dance for a recreational activity, the many bright young dancers who have left our studio with confidence, creativity, discipline and passion.

We strive everyday to bring out the best in every dancer that enters our Markham dance studio…..join us for recreational dance classes, competitive classes or unique dance workshops, and experience the ultimate in dance.

Accept nothing less than Elite……